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Plan 5K para principiantes

5K Running Plan for Beginners (8 Weeks)

Considerations for training for a 5K race As always, the first thing is to be sure you are in good health to do a sport of this nature. If all goes well, start with this eight-week plan to build a foundation. In our countries, 5-kilometer races are not abundant, but this agenda will help...


Plan para correr 10 kilómetros (Principiantes)

8-Week 10K Running Plan for Beginners

Hal Higdon's 8-Week 10K Running Plan for Beginners Aimed at: people who are new to this discipline and have already completed a 5-kilometer race or can maintain a continuous run for a time greater than 30 minutes. Duration: 8 weeks. Goal: Participate in and finish a 10-kilometer race or complete the plan as part of the base training of a specific plan that seeks to achieve a certain time in a 10-kilometer race. Observations about the 10K beginner plan: Jogging: You should run at an aerobic pace, with beats per minute between 60 and 75% of the maximum. Jog-walk: This session consists of running distances of 1 minute and up to three minutes, interspersed with equal periods of walking. The indicated jogging-walking sessions are training days but much lighter than continuous races. In this sense, they can be walked alone, run at a very brisk pace, or combined. For an idea of ​​these jogging-walk combinations, you can see the plan to start running. I suggest you do a maximum of 60 minutes. Walk: You can do up to 60 minutes of walking sessions. If that's too hard for you, start with 30 minutes and add 5 minutes per week. Rest: this part of training is vital. Don't skip it. [ninja_tables...

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